Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anna Hazare Detained Taken To Undisclosed Location

Anna Hazare Detained Taken To Undisclosed Location

Anna Hazare who was going for indefinite fast from today morning is taken to an undisclosed location by the Delhi police as they say that he does not have the right to protest.

I do not understand the independent day speech by the Prime Minister of India saying that we need a strong Lokpal bill. If he is really meaning what he is saying then why are all these hazels? He says that protests and strike would not solve the corruption problems, then how can we do that, can you please do it or let us know how you are planning to end corruption in India?

Delhi being the capital of India and it’s the responsibility of the Government to keep the state environment peaceful and secure, they will do all the possible to get rid of this protest. This protest cannot be compared to the one which Baba Ramdev did as Anna Hazare has the whole nation with him. Will the Government plan work this time as it did work for Baba Ramdev Protest?

We need a strong Lokpal bill which take cares of the loopholes in the draft recommended by the Government representing panel. The entire nation is with Anna Hazare and I sure he will get full support by all the citizens of India. Every citizen of India is fed up of the corrupt system in India and want something to see an end and put responsible people answerable to what they do.

Delhi Police is doing it’s best to stop people from gathering and stop Anna Hazare going for the planned indefinite fast, but the entire nation wants the proposed Jan Lokpal Bill to be implemented. We need to wait and see, how long this fight goes and who will win. Can the Government of India stop the people of India from getting what they want and something which is justified?

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