Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy new year images | Happy new year 2011 | New year images

Happy new year images | Happy new year 2011 | New year images

Happy new year images - Lose two stone and the wobbly bit around my middle. Learn to speak Spanish. Spring-clean my cupboards, house, finances and… life in general. Be a better wife, mother, daughter, relative and friend. Take up ironing, read better books, play more golf and visit art galleries. All of the above have appeared on my New Year’s resolution lists at some time or other.

Midnight on New Year’s Eve is like a line drawn in the sand: we leave behind any mistakes and failings from the past and we step into the future, with all its limitless potential.

By week two (if not before), the handwriting would slip and the usual corrections from my teacher would be scrawled across the page.

Where to find Happy New Year images and pictures 2011:
You can always start with Google images and search for “happy new year images 2011” to get a huge image result list of great images.
More fun Happy New Year 2011 images and photos to celebrate the new year 2011.

Here are some new year’s images and cards to get you (and your kids) in the mood to greet 2011.

The Boston Globe has a stunning photo collection from the eve of 2010 featuring fireworks displays in London, Malaysia, Beirut, Venice, Berlin and more. Grab a map and share these images with your kids! If you’ve traveled to London, let’s say, tell your kids a story from your trip.

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